Thursday, November 6, 2008

The Dealio

So, here's the dealio on why I took down all the posts on my first blog. Well, I was getting some very strong impressions to take my children's names and pictures off the internet. First, I should have know better when I chose a blog name with the word f-r-e-s-h in it. Silly Peggy!

Initially, I just tried changing everyones names to aliases. They were so cute, too. (I was Pearl, Esra was Ra-Ra, Estelle was L.L. and Sam was SuperGuy.) But even that change didn't feel adequate. Thanks to the Feedjit widget, I could see the search phrases that were bringing up the blog on engines. I didn't get good feelings when I saw search terms that were not looking for entries about sleep apnea and the cutest ankle-foot orthotics ever. These sites were from places in Africa and Europe. So, maybe it was just bad English. But, talk about icky feelings. I had to respond. And the only way I felt comfortable was to take down all of the content associated with the blog.

So, I chose a less nefarious title based on another lovely song, "Give, Said the Little Stream".

The verse goes, "I'm small I know, but wherever I go the fields grow greener still." Really sweet. And if some demento comes to this site looking for who-knows-what, I guess I should just give up the whole blogging thing. But I totally understand now when my friend Jessica does her own MS Word version of a blog that gets sent out through email just because she does not want her children names or likenesses on the internet. I completely admire her for blogging anyway.

Well, that's the dealio. On to dinner.


Krista said...

Good for you. The change is good and cute. Happy Birthday. And you can always implement the permissions on your blog to keep it family and friends only (its on a tab under settings). Good luck.

Susan M. Nelson said...

Thank you for so quickly responding to my question and for the background information. I am excited to look into this and see where it may lead. I may have more bowel questions for you as well if you are up for them. (: Your family is adorable.

Twinlinebackers said...

Funny how the title of your last blog was Fresh but this is the blog that seems so fresh. I can feel your wave of relief and excitement. I am SO looking forward to seeing a glimpse into life in your stream.