Thursday, November 6, 2008


I've been doing a few things differently lately. Not a lot, but enough. (Didn't Albert Einstein say, " The definition of insanity is doing the same things over and over again expecting the different results"?)

First, welcome all of my FC Readers. You are the best! Today is a new day and I'm glad you're here. Format and design kinks are still being worked out but its time to press forward. So, we're going a different direction by splitting the blog into two. But Wherever I Go (BWIG) will peak into the everyday life of my family, while FC will highlight people, events, writing, photography, art that encompasses the journey to find courage and keep it fresh.

Back to my topic...Sam was released from his calling in the Spanish-speaking congregation on Sunday. What a relief. I feel like the flood gates of creativity have burst open. Knowing that he will be home and available is helping keep my anxiety to a minimum and heightening my interest in doing other things beside waiting for him to come home. Still, I think medication is in my future. But it can wait just a bit longer.

First, I got a fantastic digital point and shoot from my mom for my birthday. So, I'm actually enjoying taking pictures again.
Here are some pictures from this week:
Sam is installing a pathway so we can get to the car without going onto the road. He is working with Miguel, a friend from the Hispanic ward, who is a very talented brickmason.
Esra spotted this carriage in the shed and loves for Estelle to push her around in it.
While Sam works outside, Estelle like to watch from the screen door.

Second, I signed up to sing in the Handel's Messiah. Three rehearsals (Nov 16, 23 and 30 from 4-6pm) and one performance (Nov 30 at 7:30pm). Its at the Noank Baptist Church. Come and sing with me!

Third, I test-played some violins and bows this week. My favorite was a John Cheng 1737 Guarneri Violin and a Guy Laurent Two Star Bow. It was so fun to try out new instruments. I was lucky to inherit my violin from my Grandma Peggy, but I've never chosen an instrument to fit me. I've played the same instrument since I was seven years old. As of tomorrow, that's 23 years people! Sam says he'll help me buy a new violin and bow when I'm ready. How exciting.

Fourth, I researched local violin teachers in the area. I found a teacher at Thames Valley Music School which is on campus of the college where Esra goes to school. The teacher's philosophy resonated with me. She supports playing an instrument for pleasure versus soloing, getting young children involved in the music of our lives and the ever-nagging back problems that come with a life-time of practicing.

Fifth, I'm performing a piece with a talented mom and pianist in church on Sunday.

I hope I don't make myself insane by adding all of these things, but I think we're going in the right direction.


Twinlinebackers said...

I had no idea you played the violin! I bought the boys a violin (1/16th) thinking I could learn how to play and teach them. It hasn't happened. If you could lend a hand with either lofty goal, I will trade you anything in the whole world!

Amber Ostler said...

Yeah for new violins and a good teacher. I need to find a good teacher and start really playing again -- that is if I ever "really" played.