Thursday, November 20, 2008

A New Design

Peeps, exciting things are happening here at BWIG.

Chris Jenkins, a very talented Las Vegas-based photographer and creative mind, is putting together a blog design for me. I'm so thrilled. There is a sneak peak at the finished product on her blog. Since the title is based on song about a very charitable body of water, I wanted to incorporate blue and water into the new design. I think it will all go nicely with the sessions shots that Chris took of our family while we were in Las Vegas this summer.

So, while we wait for the artistic alchemy to come together, I'll show you what is happening at our house:Enough said...oh, plus Esra's runny nose has returned. (I'm debating whether or not to tell the MRI folks about it this time. We've rescheduled her brain and spine MRI five times now all because of this perpetual runny nose...I'm under-the-weather too. So, once the clouds part around my head then, well, we'll see.)

1 comment:

Krista said...

I love the climbing in the fridge pics of kids... I also have a few of some of mine sitting on the opened dishwasher door. Love it!