Friday, November 14, 2008


My friend Catherine, who I met at the BYU Jerusalem Center, has an endearing list on her blog that she entitled, Thank"fullness". It has many wonderful things on it that I think most sane, quietly living person puts on their thankful list. But she also highlighted things that I hadn't considered being thankful for because took them for granted. (And they are just fun and quirky and put a smile on my face just thinking about them.) Like...

The occasional finger lick while baking

The circle of fifths

Never having a lack of things to do


Challah bread.

What are you thank"full" for?


Krista said...

I am thankful for family and friends. Your blog is a boon to us all, as well.

Amber Ostler said...

I am thankful for good friends like you and Catherine :) How lucky am I to have gone to the JC and come out knowing the two of the best people in the world! :) Honestly! Funny how at times when I need friends most, you seem to know and I can feel the strength of your prayers and love! That is what I am thankful for!