Sunday, November 9, 2008

To and Fro

We have some great news. We're free! Free to roam and play that is....For the past two years we've been trying to overcome living in a three-story house thats on a hill while raising a child using a wheelchair. Comings and goings at our house has been difficult to say the least. In order to get to and from the car, we'd have to enter the road. And our little country road is very busy! So, our solution was to install a walkway from our porch to the driveway.

Sam really did a tremendous job, with the patient guidance and support of my dad. (Thanks, Dad, for the support to get this started!)But he also received some indispensable help from six really great guys from the various wards we've been associated with. I think he feels comforted that he can call each of them "friend" before he calls them "brother". (Thank you Brad, Miguel, Spencer, Joe, Chad and David for all the time you took away from your family and personal endeavors to assist our family.) Sam learned a lot from this project and I think he is very pleased with the outcome.

Come on by and take a walk down the path and invite Esra to come out and play.


Krista said...

oh, how nice to have freedom, in many senses of the word. I'm glad for your newfound happiness in the walkway.

Mer said...

Your walkway looks great. Your girls are getting so big (and adorable). Spitting images of their parents. We miss you guys but are glad to see that life in Conn. is good.

Erin said...

These are such great photos. I love the walkway. My favorite is the (maple?) tree and the red leaves that frames all of your smiling faces. Such wonderful photos!