Tuesday, December 23, 2008

Christmas at Home, Part I

We are relishing in the sights, sounds and smells of Christmas. And we're enjoying staying home for it all. The snowstorms and windchill here in the Northeast have made staying indoors so attractive and inviting. We've only gone outside to play once. Its just too cold, especially for two little people who don't walk. Still, we're enjoying making memories and remembering (and rejoicing) that we got all of Esra's appointments finished before winter officially rolled in.

So, my favorite part of Christmas is pulling out the Nativity scenes. Especially the one I bought in Jerusalem. I bought this set specifically for my future home and family. Esra finds satisfaction in inspecting the pieces and putting them in place. So, while the girls were keeping busy, I did a few artistic shots of this olive wood set modeled amidst the bows of the tree and lights.

I should have known that they were getting into trouble...It was too quiet!

Also, Christmas came a little early here, as the IKEA elves couldn't resist assembling things right after arriving from Sweden (via New Haven). The girls got a little table with two chairs to go in their playroom. And I got a gorgeous, indispensable, been-eyeing-one-for-twelve-months kitchen island. Oh, its a thing of beauty. And more storage!

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