Thursday, January 22, 2009

Cleared for Take-off

I feel like the last few weeks we've been stuck on the proverbial runway of life, ever taxi-ing and never quite taking-off.

Yesterday, I took Esra to Boston for an acute visit with the Neurosurgeons. They were amazed that she overcame such a huge fall. But they were especially unconcerned after seeing her scans (and her happy wave and bright voice pointing them out of the exam room). We did go over the MRI, though. Since we were there, right? Essentially, Esra's Chiari malformation is prominent and THE reason behind her eating, swallowing, breathing and speaking difficulties. They would surgically intervene, but not on someone her age. Any removal of bone will most likely regenerate in children, so they will wait and watch. But we will need to ever watchful for signs of excess compression. They symptoms are pronounced headache and difficulty in arm movement. Other than that, she is as functional as she can be considering a major part of her brain is being pulled through her skull. An amazing gal, our Esra.

Still, I'm interested in a second opinion.. So, time for some more research. But its good to know that she did not suffer any internal damage from the fall. In fact, I think she fell on her "be more spunky" spot. Her teacher and therapist today commented on her energy and spunky attitude today. She is very happy to be back doing what she loves to do.

Sam's dad is also full of excitement and spunk as he is making excellent progress as he heals from surgery. The brain tumor was cancerous, but all of the tissue was removed. He'll need chemo and radiation, but that's at least a month away. He was transferred to a rehab hospital yesterday and he is optimistic about walking out of the hospital, on his own, next week. He is invested in an intense regimen of PT, OT and Speech Therapy, much like what Esra does every week. His goal is to regain 100% of his function. Now that's spunk!

Well, now time to rest. I am grateful that the anxiety of waiting for one's plane to take-off eventually goes away as the plane ascends into the wild, blue yonder. One can finally feel at ease to dive into that good book or scan the magazines that you saved for this occasion, or just sleep. Sounds so nice.


Melvin and Carly said...

Holy cow Peg! I didn't know that you had started a new blog. I happened to be on Ann's and saw your name. I clicked on it and...WOW. So much going on! I'm sorry to hear about Norm's tumor; it sounds like he's in good spirits despite the long road ahead. And I was relieved to read that Esra didn't suffer from any internal damage from her fall. Wow.

Love the look of your new blog. Did you do it yourself? I'm so glad I found you again.

Peggy said...

Carly, I'm glad you found me again too. Thanks for the compliments and well-wishes.

A talented gal based in Las Vegas, did the photography and design. Her name is Chris Jenkins. She did a fantastic job.

susan said...

Your blog is sooo cute. Makes me want to do one. It is very uplifting and inspiring. Thank you!

Susan (Sharapata) Biery