Tuesday, January 13, 2009

The Fork in the Road

Well, Sam and I now have a better idea why we are not moving this spring. We are in the Lord's hands everyday. Even though our plan has encompassed to preparing the house to sell and move West, we were not surprised or sad. (Even though I pine for a warmer climate in both people and weather.) But we can last another 18 months here. Especially since two days after learning the news that the Coast Guard had more applicants than job openings, we learned that Norm, Sam's dad, has a brain tumor.

We don't have much information as of late. But he's lost much function and feeling in his left side, especially his arm and leg, and a CAT Scan and MRI show a mass in the brain applying pressure to its motor portions. We are hopeful that they can find a competent neurosurgeon to help excise the mostly benign mass as soon as possible. Fishing season is only a few months away, you know! He has a lot to look forward to and his personal perspective is positive. He doesn't feel this loss of movement is a loss of momentum. He still has his mind, his voice, and moreover, his abilty to communicate his knowledge, passion and expertise through the written and spoken word. And there are innumerable people ready to make his physical self is where he needs to be. As Esra shows us everyday, it takes effort, patience and love to entrust yourself to others. But she does as much as can whenever she can. She IS happiness. And she adores her "Pop". We're sure she'll share her wheelchair tricks with him so he can get where he needs to go while he recovers.

There is much to rejoice in and I think having a spirit of gratitude brings optimism and comfort as we pursue this new course with Norm. Sam is on his way now to their home on Long Island, to get things ready for his parents to arrive. Norm and Lynda were on their yearly winter vacation, visiting loved ones all over the world. They had just visited Alaska and had stopped in California for a time before continuing on to Japan. Thankfully, the symptoms occurred stateside and they suspended the remainder of their trip and are coming home today. They arrive tonight and Sam will be at the airport in NYC to pick them up. He will spend the rest of the week there making necessary preparations and assisting Norm in whatever way. Plus, he has his first consult on Thursday with a neurosurgeon in NYC and a second opinion at Yale with one of Esra's neurosurgeons. Sam will help as much as he can especially in helping Norm complete his "to-do" list. It is long and full of love for the things that bring him happiness: family, sharing the gospel and fisheries (in no particular order, of course).

We suggested to Norm that creating a web-presence through this journey may be beneficial for him and all who benefit from knowing him. Using the web may give him an elevated platform to share his ideas, projects, personal recollections and testimony of what he holds the most dear. There is much for him to do and well-positioned blog or website may help them also answer questions about his health status, progress, and outlook for the future. He has a great tool at his disposal and a willing team of children waiting to dispense assistance in broadcasting his net to share, lift, educate and comfort. They too want a way to provide care, comfort and show commitment to their parents by supporting them in any way they can.

We look forward with hope. Surely, fresh courage. But wherever we go, we know God lift's us and guides us.

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chris jenkins said...

i am so sorry to hear about your father-in-law. it is an inspiration to me and to others that you all have such a wonderful attitude and great perspective on the future and facing this bump in the road.

prayers and thoughts to you and your family :)