Saturday, January 24, 2009

Musically Inclined

We just got home from NYC. I can't believe that the $95 parking ticket hidden under our wiper blades stayed put after driving 80 miles an hour for the entire stretch of Connecticut.

My companion on the drive home was Delilah, of course. (Sam and the girls were sound asleep, so, I could revel in all the sappy dedications and requests.) This show transmits warmth and acceptance and commitment. And I always get a little teary after listening for awhile. I remember one particularly difficult night when Esra was a newborn and struggling for life in the Newborn Special Care at Yale-New Haven. I had stayed all day and into the night with her. She was showing signs of a serious infection. Things were so unsure. But my energy had left me and I had to go home. There wasn't anymore I could do.

So, I said a prayer and got in my car hoping I could make the hour drive. I turned on the radio and found Delilah. Her caring voice, tenderness to her callers and uplifting songs got me through the dark and seemingly empty night as I drove further and further away from my daughter. After a few days, things improved for Esra, and after a few more surgeries she was ready to come home. Sam and I were there for her as much we could be. In the moments that I couldn't be there, I always felt buoyed and supported. Looking back, surrounding myself with positive uplifting sounds (music, sermons, affirmations, etc.) always helped me get through the hard moments. And whenever I'm driving on dark, cold nights, like tonight, I always turn on Delilah and rejoice in the miracles that happened then and are happening now for our family.

Going with that vain of Delilah-like songs, I am enamored with this song that Cathy at Bits & Pieces posted:

How The Day Sounds from Miky Wolf on Vimeo.


Krista said...
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Krista said...

I always love to crank up the tunes when I am feeling a bit down. I love the fun sing along types and I sing to my hearts content at top volume!!

Melvin and Carly said...

Love this song! Fun video too. Is it just me, or does the short guy look like a mix between Elijah Wood and Rob Thomas?

Peggy said...

I think he just must be Elijah Wood. Such a fun, quirk video. It made my week.