Tuesday, January 6, 2009

My Word

As many of you know, my previous blog, Fresh Courage, lies dormant in a peaceful winter hibernation. (It will reawaken!) But my thoughts on courage and refreshing my own personal supply is a daily work. This is especially poignant as I feel like there is more to my life now that I am emerging from the darkness of postpartum depression. Courage was my watch word last year, my every breath, remembering my purpose for being me. Now, as I think on my word for this year, I wanted to go beyond courage. I feel clearer, there is more light around me, and I want beautify this world through love, art and service. As I think on this new direction, other words that have come to me: compassion, creativity, clarity, Christian. As all of these attributes require great vision both figuratively and literally, and I feel up to the challenge to lift my lantern to the darkness and step out into the unknown of living and loving. I decided that my word for this year will be SEE.

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Krista said...

What a fitting word. May it be so that we can all See this year. Kudos!! Krista