Sunday, January 18, 2009

Tending Part II

We are home. {between this sentence and what I write next is the following events: Esra falling down the basement staircase in her stander, landing on her face on the concrete floor. Screams, panic, calling 9-1-1, Estelle goes to a neighbor she's never met before, ambulance, x-rays, cat scan, a frightened little Esra strapped to a back board, lots of singing, more screaming, using sign language to thank the radiologists and good-bye (or go-away) to the nurses and doctors, a few vocal prayers so Esra could here them, angels-friends bringing us dinner and then, finally sleep, and we are given the all-clear to go home. No broken bones anywhere, no concussion... Just a scraped up face, a bloody nose and a big old goose egg on her forehead opposite her shunt. Miracle of miracles!}

So, I was sitting at the computer when Esra fell. We were getting the house in order after returning from a short trip to Manhattan, where Norm was admitted. We arrived with girls in tow the night before the surgery. He was so grateful to see the grandchildren. And he was buoyed by the sight of his two bright and strong sons standing on either side of his hospital bed as they administered a Priesthood Blessing to him. {you'll have to read more about that on Norm's forthcoming blog.} We expressed our well-wishes and spent the evening at a hotel on the Upper East Side. The next morning, we got updates from Lynda as Norm was in surgery all morning. We stayed put to let the girls play. I did a little shopping in the city for Estelle's birthday. We arrived at the Recovery Waiting Area and Sam and Zack again spent much time with Norm while he recovered.

So, fast forward to now: I'm still in such shock the it happened but more so that its over and she's okay. After this week, one would think there would be more devastation and grief happening in this little family considering what has occurred. If we were trying to sell copy, I guess the headlines would read: "Cancerous brain tumor leaves patriarch of family immobilized and hopeless." "Paralyzed little girl gravely injured after fall down stairs. Parents devastated." Instead, this is what is being written, "A bright future lies in store for optimistic fisherman and his family. Tumor removed successfully and replaced by immense joy, gratitude and love." And, also, "Brave and cheerful Esra, a little sore but very thankful and happy after frightening fall."

I am learning a lot about tending my secret garden this week. I really don't know where to go next, because I feel compelled to dwell in the negative and be stunned and shocked and tell everyone "wo, is me", but, its not true. If there were a geiger counter for ministering of angels, we'd be off the charts this week. The tender mercies that have come to Norm and Lynda, Sam and I have been watched over and blessed with immense abundance as we work through the events of the past week.

Which secret garden are you tending?

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