Saturday, February 7, 2009

Creative Friends Save the Day

As the fifth week of 2009 rolls forward, I want to write about some great people in my life, helping me do great things. My friends have helped me be even more creative and thoughtful, as I endeavored upon quite a few projects already this year.

First, there is Mary. She created the most lovely quilt for Estelle for her birth. So, in preparation for Estelle's first birthday, I thought it would be a treat to give her a doll-size quilt that matched her own bigger one. So, I proposed my idea to Mary, and thanks to the APO/FPO mail system, we got the gorgeous fabric scraps in a weeks time straight from the Philippines. And I think the little quilt turned out very well. Especially considering I'd never done pleats before.

Then there was the need to make a website for Sam's dad. For those of you who have just started reading, his life dramatically changed in January, as he adapts to the affects of a brain tumor. Wanting to help get the news out and share his inspiring and ongoing story, I thought a blog might just do the trick. So, I turned to the heftily talented Chris to put something together. She designed this blog, plus my first blog, Fresh Courage, as well as doing the photography. Really a consummate professional and thorough in every way. She did a great job in putting together a blog design that will represent Sam's dad, the fishermen and, now, fisher of men. (Now to show Norm how to post...)

Then there was Esra's mishap meeting with the concrete at the bottom of our basement staircase. I got an appointment for her in Boston, but I needed to find a place for Estelle to go for the day. So, I called my friend, Pretty Girl's mom, and she gladly took our little wiggle-worm while Esra and I hurried off to Children's. I'm so glad Estelle got to spend some time with her and her children. Her home is so full of beauty, art and learning. She inspires me to be creative everytime I get together with her.

Lastly, I was looking to make a gift for my energetic nephew, Reed, who turned eight this past month. He lives in Japan and he was ready to have his Pop and Grandma (Sam's parents) come visit for his birthday and baptism. He was sincerely disappointed when he learned the news that his Pop's health would change their travel plans. So, I wanted to give Reed a gift of a poem that would help him appreciate and remember the moment of his baptism, as if his Pop was there. That's where my friend Catherine enters the scene. She is exuberant and radiant and she is the best poetess I know. And so, I asked Catherine to help me come up with a poem for the occasion, since, I think, she should have delivered the Inaugural Poem, but I digress! Its called "The Promise Pop Made" are the first few verses:

It started out with Pop
A promise made long ago
To always remember God
And Christ's example to follow.

A promise to be true,
to obey and choose the right
A promise to remember
And with faith to fight the fight.

A promise to embrace new traditions
To serve, to help, to give
A promise to seek for God's will,
To repent and to forgive....

The beginning of this year has started out well, even amidst the set-backs. I am working to SEE and BE (my words for the year). These creative projects have helped me do those things. But I couldn't do it by myself, though. Thank you, my sweet friends, for helping me beautify and uplift. I hope I can do the same for you one day soon.


Mema said...

Your quilt was so sweet and the pleats were perfect. MOM

Erin said...

Peggy. Oh how I wish we lived closer so I could 'be creative' with you. I'm so glad you do have others around you who can do all these things, though! And Wow! Sam is such a mini version of his dad, huh? They really look alike! I'm so glad you love the work Chris does...I'M a fan of all she does, & totally consider myself lucky to have her as my friend. You're so good to give Norm a place to document this journey he's on! Love you.

Peggy said...

And its so great to have good friends (and my mom) reading my blog. I feel so loved.

Christian Corner said...

Your girls are beautiful. It is fun to see them growing up and stay a little connected through our blogs. I hope all is well.