Thursday, April 30, 2009

Esra's Trust

The blog for Esra's Trust is up and running. You can find information about Esra's need and donating to the Trust. Phew! I'm so excited that we're getting closer to Esra moving on her own.

There have been so many little miracles lately. Too many to tell, except for one. We survived Sam's emergency deployment this week! He only had 24 hours notice to prepare for a very important project that took him onto a Navy frigate near Florida and out of cellphone range. This is not what we signed up for with this shore tour! Oh, there were some hard moments, and even more messy, cluttered, tearful moments. But I came through with the help of caring friends and neighbors. Plus, I learned that I am more resourceful and capable than I previously thought. And I think Sam feels confident that he is a critical contributor to the R&D Center. And that makes me have warm fuzzies because that means food, shelter and insurance. (Insurance for everything but the powerchair, that is!)

Help us have more warm fuzzies by donating to Esra's Trust, so she can do what toddlers do best, explore, create, and have fun!


Krista said...

One never knows what one is truly capable of until one is forced to find out. I'm glad you came through it just fine.

Twinlinebackers said...

Oh I'm sorry. You are a rock. You'll get through this. Don't forget your have friends across the river happy to help you as well. I have been thinking about you a lot. Unfortunately, thoughts never magically transform into phone calls. I feel bad we never got together and at least once every 8 diaper changes I think of you and feel awful that I never helped you solve your cd problems. Give me a call!

Mer said...

Hi Peggy, do you mind if I put a link to Esra's trust blog on my blog? I never hurts to get the word out.