Thursday, May 21, 2009

Listen and Obey

I love listening to the radio. Talk Radio, Public Radio, Jazz and R&B on the radio. And I love all the great content that comes from Internet Radio too. My a.m. dial isn't too dependable, so I love going online for Cuban and Mariachi music. Oh, and when my Krall and Bublé cravings hit, there is a great standards station that I turn up loud.

I love listening to the Prophet. I know the direction I receive will always be for my benefit. I just wish there were more places to hear that direction. The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints just announced an online radio station streaming directly from Salt Lake. I've enjoyed BYU radio in the past, but I'm excited for more avenues to get inspiring, directing and empowering content.

I love it when my one year old listens to me. And she is surprisingly obedient. For one minute. But after a few gentle redirections, she gets the idea and presses on to a new activity. I hope that when I need gentle redirection, the ideas and motivation I recieve from hearing the Prophets voice more often, will help me listen and obey.

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