Wednesday, June 17, 2009

Come Tweet With Me!

When I need a break from the renovating and house-staging, I crawl down to the library tucked away in our basement and read my Reader and Twitter. The blogs and tweets I read are connected to creative and savvy people and I feel inspired to do more creative and savvy things. One definitely has to be savvy for Twitter. I am slowly getting the hang of it. But I like Twitter better than chat rooms and forums and the like. Its short and sweet and there is never a dull conversation. Plus, you can decide who to follow or not follow at any time. This how-to segment helped me figure out the direct message function, which I've been confused about. I still need some clarity on hash-tags...I'll learn as I tweet. So, come tweet with me.

Friday, June 5, 2009

Elegance Tomorrow

Renovation is in full-swing here at our house. The poodle-skirt pink tiles in the master bath are getting ripped out and wainscotting put in its place, plus all the woodwork in the whole house is getting a fresh coat of Poetic Light. (That's the shade we picked out of the No-VOC paint available at Home Depot.)

I was thinking of something for inspiration, and this Oren Lavie song, called Her Morning Elegance, came to mind. Add the great lyrics and strings to this glorious, visual meal, and I have enough creative inspiration for one weekend full of elegance-waiting-to-happen.

Every Penny Counts

Thank you, devoted readers for sticking by me for so long. I've decluttered the site and am working on some upcoming features. Stay Tuned!

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Here is my last suggestion: Are you going to see Esra this summer? Pick up a Signing Times DVD (or two) and learn some signs. She would be tickled that you know her language.

There is certainly something for everyone.

Your support of BwIG Affiliates is support for Esra's Trust. All commissions go directly to benefit Esra's Trust and the purchase of her power wheelchair. Every Penny Counts!

Monday, June 1, 2009

Breakfast and Bling

I was taking some old, forgotten jewelry to the pawn shop. {No, I didn't pawn my Young Womenhood Recognition Award. Tempted...but I did learn that there is no market for silver, only gold.}

 Estelle found it on the table and decided breakfast wouldn't be complete unless she was bedazzled with bling. I guess it made the oatmeal and raisins go down better. She ate all of it.

Seeing the Potential

Our first road trip for the summer took us to the Roger Williams Zoo in Providence, RI. With our new van at the ready and a special butterfly exhibit just opened, we packed a picnic and hit the road.

We had a lovely day together. The greenhouse was bursting with gorgeous flowering plants, amazing scents and butterflies flitted about all around. I never seen so many different kinds of butterflies all in one place before. A great exhibit and worth the trip to Providence. Plus, the zoo was a big hit. The girls loved seeing the giraffes and elephants, plus watching the seal lions swim near them as they peered through the aquarium glass. But we really loved the Flutterby house the best.

{bright thought: This exhibit would be a great location to film an evening news story about Esra. I think the butterfly is a great choice as the brand for our campaign. There is so much beautiful potential in Esra. What a great backdrop this would make to highlight our need to help Esra get her wings!}

What a great outing. As the butterflies supped on their feast of nectar around us, we thought about the amazing potential that, not too many days before, was growing in a cocoon. We are all about potential at the Edwards house. This was a great moment to rejuvenate our focus remembering our purpose and priorities as we gazed upon the realized potential flying around us.

We're so glad we took some time to visit the Flutterby exhibit. There we found color, energy, delight in God's creations, and time together to enjoy one another's uniqueness and indelible potential that is nurtured in our little family.

Happy Summer!