Friday, June 5, 2009

Elegance Tomorrow

Renovation is in full-swing here at our house. The poodle-skirt pink tiles in the master bath are getting ripped out and wainscotting put in its place, plus all the woodwork in the whole house is getting a fresh coat of Poetic Light. (That's the shade we picked out of the No-VOC paint available at Home Depot.)

I was thinking of something for inspiration, and this Oren Lavie song, called Her Morning Elegance, came to mind. Add the great lyrics and strings to this glorious, visual meal, and I have enough creative inspiration for one weekend full of elegance-waiting-to-happen.

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Sonia said...

I love your blog Peggy! I didn't know you guys are moving! That is sad! I have a little blog too, nothing too big and i don't update it too often but its
Great to see you on facebook too! tell Sam I said hello