Monday, June 1, 2009

Seeing the Potential

Our first road trip for the summer took us to the Roger Williams Zoo in Providence, RI. With our new van at the ready and a special butterfly exhibit just opened, we packed a picnic and hit the road.

We had a lovely day together. The greenhouse was bursting with gorgeous flowering plants, amazing scents and butterflies flitted about all around. I never seen so many different kinds of butterflies all in one place before. A great exhibit and worth the trip to Providence. Plus, the zoo was a big hit. The girls loved seeing the giraffes and elephants, plus watching the seal lions swim near them as they peered through the aquarium glass. But we really loved the Flutterby house the best.

{bright thought: This exhibit would be a great location to film an evening news story about Esra. I think the butterfly is a great choice as the brand for our campaign. There is so much beautiful potential in Esra. What a great backdrop this would make to highlight our need to help Esra get her wings!}

What a great outing. As the butterflies supped on their feast of nectar around us, we thought about the amazing potential that, not too many days before, was growing in a cocoon. We are all about potential at the Edwards house. This was a great moment to rejuvenate our focus remembering our purpose and priorities as we gazed upon the realized potential flying around us.

We're so glad we took some time to visit the Flutterby exhibit. There we found color, energy, delight in God's creations, and time together to enjoy one another's uniqueness and indelible potential that is nurtured in our little family.

Happy Summer!


Melvin and Carly said...

What a neat place. And I love the idea of Esra and the butterfly as a brand. Truly, so much potential for her. Glad you had a fun family outing.

I was trying to figure out why you looked different and it finally hit me: bangs! I haven't seen you with bangs since...maybe not ever!

Shapiro said...

I love the picture of Esra next to the sign with butterflies that says "Who's flying today?!" She is such a flyer... on the wings of heaven! I love the symbols in that picture. She helps others to fly too with her amazing spirit!... it runs in the family!