Saturday, July 11, 2009

Exploring R.I., Part I

Our 4th of July weekend somehow turned into a tour of Rhode Island. It wasn't planned or thought out. We just went. Sam had an itch to do some traveling, now that the house is on the market and he didn't have a honey-do list to wrangle over the long weekend. He insisted on playing tourist. So, we started simple: The Zoo. (I almost deleted the third picture because 1) I don't remember taking it 2) Its just a mob of people looking at the giraffe, right? Once you find Estelle, the picture is priceless. Her expression seems to say, "What are they looking at? Me?")

On our way home, as we cruised down 95 South, Sam noticed a sign for the Martha's Vineyard Fast Ferry. He wanted to see where it was for "future reference", so we headed of down the exit. The next thing we knew, after driving for an hour and not seeing anymore signs for Martha's Vineyard, we were at Point Judith, one of the most southerly points of the state. This was also the ferry terminus for Block Island. We deliberated as the babies napped and decided to pay $15 for parking, so we could enjoy the afternoon and, hopefully, some dinner on The Block.

Since we chose the busiest day of the year to go to Block Island, we also rode the ferry that had an all new crew. So, the journey over three foot seas took 20 minutes longer than normal. Ugh. But once we got into town, we could feel the holiday pulse moving through the beach air. So many people, bikes, scooters. But walking off the ferry you were immediately in a different world. I love the beachy, cottagey, cedar shakes and hydrangeas feel. Sam and I would love to spend a week at a cottage here, just us.

We ate at outdoor italian place and ate ice cream overlooking the seashore. We found a park on a hill with these knolls that were perfect for teaching little people to roll down them. The look on Esra's face was all we needed to know she loved it. We took the fast ferry home and marveled at our beautiful day.

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Carrie said...

That looks like a lot of fun! That's our kind of trip...spontaneous! We were just talking about wanting to go to Block Island. We're going to try to make it our next adventure. Do you have any recommendations?