Monday, July 6, 2009

Summer and Six Things

There is lots to tell. The house is staged and life goes on. We are enjoying summer so much more now that it doesn't include painting, packing and all the rest. Instead we are enjoying BBQs, zoo trips, love from grandparents, getting to know cousins, dinner on an island, our first time on a catamaran, rolling down hills, ice cream by the bay, swimming lessons, taking the school bus, chasing bugs, playing in the sprinkler, and going to bed contended every night.
Over the week, we'll tell you more about all of our adventures. And give you a virtual tour of our house. Its such a lovely place. Any one moving to Connecticut?


Six Things:

Sensibly Styled, a new site creating stylish yet modest outfits. I love the blouses they pick too.
Heather Ross inspires me to have magic markers and sketch pad wherever I go.
Design Mom always has a fun book of the week pick. 1000 Times No will be on our next library check-out list.
Diggin Food shows you how to make a super simple squash trellis.
Simple Mom is going back to the basics. I'm looking forward to reading her installments on managing hearth and home.
Ali Edwards writes a touching, mid-year essay on nurture, her word of the year.

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Natalie said...

Thanks so much for posting about Sensibly Styled!