Thursday, August 6, 2009

House Tour Finale and Going Offline

We're getting ready to move. So, the internet connection is going away. So, I'll end my house tour by taking you to the library downstairs. There are floor-to-ceiling book cases, a lovely sitting area, gorgeous buttercream yellow carpeting and a tidy spot for all the technology.

 I'm sad that this inviting and lovely little space is downstairs far from the activity of my two little ones upstairs. I'll be relieved when we get situated in a one-level house, so everyone can be included in all aspects of home living i.e. folding laundry, piano, games, listening to online radio, reading together. All things that are so much more fun and easier to do in the library.

We still don't have any offers on our home, but we are moving anyway. Because we value our quality of life more than our home, Sam knows that our three-story cottage on a hill isn't working anymore. Sam is working like a dog to keep our realtors, attorney, the bank, his boss and various other official people involved and working for the well-being of this active duty family.

I will probably go through computer withdrawals for the next few weeks. Please call me or write me a letter. You would make Estelle's day! {She can just barely reach the rural mailbox on our country road and she loves to show you she can do it on her tip-toes. So adorable.} I love houseguests, too. Come for some lemonade and we can chat about being creative, even courageous.

I will really miss reading my Google Reader everyday. I feel part of something dynamic and down-right darling. I hope that by moving to a space that doesn't drain my creative and physical energy anymore, I can be as creative and quirky and confident as the ladies I read about everyday.

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