Thursday, August 6, 2009

Virtual House Tour Part II

The master suite was once the attic. An addition was added decades ago to give a bit more ceiling room on one end of the master bedroom and it gave room to add a second bath upstairs. There is also a large closet that really is just a well-dressed hallway. There is lots of character to this little house. For those of you who have been here, there are some changes that have been made for the better. Staging really does wonders for once's sense of space and ownership. We packed away a lot of extra stuff....And we made do with what had to stage. I really wanted to redo the whole color scheme of this room. The green accent wall was there when we moved in. I did my best to use the linens and accents that I had to make this room lovely and modern-enough.

Like in the hallway, I {sadly, reluctantly} removed our bright and beautiful family portraits and replaced the frames with an abundance of nature shots. I think I'm the only one that is really excited about this little detail...but moving on to the master bathroom:

I lament that there is not a before picture of master bath. Just imagine that at one point in this quirky little bathroom's existence were an infinite amount of pink, black and white squares. On the wall. On the floor. On the trim.

But no more. I found a lovely botanical leaf printed shower curtain that tied the colors of the bedroom with the bath. And that brought the browns and blacks of the bathroom together, as well. I'm so glad that I didn't have to paint the bathroom though it was a lot of work.

Actually, my dad and Sam did. While the girls and I spend the week at my in-laws home in New York, they covered the shiny pink and black tiled walls with numerous coats of epoxy appliance paint. Oh, that stuff is toxic. I was sick for weeks as we tried to get the fumes out of the house. But the torture has really paid off. The bathroom has a new floor, new toilet, and a new feeling. It is peaceful and lovely. I feel so beautiful in this space.

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