Monday, April 19, 2010

From A Distance

The words from a Bette Midler song come to my mind..."God is watching us from a distance." There are so many great things happening that are not coincidence put truly Providence.  Every person that is put in our path is either greatly blessing us or they have confessed the goodness that they feel when they see and interact with Esra.  Goodness flows from this project to directly help Esra but indirectly is affecting many to be better and do good.

In the past month, our paths have crossed with three influential individuals.  They have jumped on board the Esra Booster Bandwagon and we are gaining speed quickly.  Their enthusiasm has brought large, anonymous donations, corporate sponsorship, proceeds promised from a local theatrical production (and a cameo for Esra), airline mileage, long-term strategic planning, technological team-building, and immense confidence.

But we don't forget that the bandwagon is already full of fantastic family and friends, school mates and work associates who want to help Esra achieve her full potential.  Thank you to all, old and new friends, sweet family members and those we have yet to meet. And because of the amazing financial support we have received, Sam spent yesterday in Texas looking at a used SnapDragon!

A family there in Texas has a child with cerebral palsy that ended up not using it very much.  It is decent condition and we have made an offer of $15,000 USD to the family.  We will have the chair shipped directly to England and refurbished if the family accepts our offer.  (I am hoping the volcanic eruption doesn't stall our plans to go over the pond.)  But even if our offer is rejected, we have the funds to begin the order on a new chair.  I have to write that again, because I doubted we would ever get to this point...and its only April!  We have enough funds now to start the building process!  This company is in such demand, despite the economic crisis, they are projecting 120 days out for finishing orders.  We hope we don't have to wait that long.

We still need to raise funds for our food and lodging in England.  So, please share our story and pass it on that God is watching and helping this amazing effort.

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