Thursday, April 8, 2010

Sponsor Highlight: Think Thankful

Great news!  Today we are announcing our first  sponsor, Think Thankful.  We are excited to announce this collaboration.  This is such a simple but powerful statement, and it is presented in such a beautiful way.  I knew when I first saw this logo in a shop window in Mystic that I had to meet its creator.  I am so glad I did.

Dreamed up three years ago by a young mom  desiring to make a creative and caring contribution to the world, she  found the concept of gratitude resonating within her as her daily life  unfolded.   She wanted to share the simplicity of thinking thankful  and its positive impact on ourselves, families and communities.  She  chose the chrysanthemum to be part of her logo because of the countless  petals that fall reminding her of the innumerable blessings that make  her life beautiful. The website gives you opportunities to share gratitudes and read other's.  You can connect on facebook and twitter to get gratitude reminders and connect with other folks striving to find simplicity and meaning through thanking.

Don't forget the merchandise!  Make a statement of gratitude wherever you go  with a tote, shirt, cards, aprons and more that are all quite the  conversation starters.  Half of Think Thankful's proceeds will go  directly to Esra's Trust!  We are thankful for our darling Esra and the  opportunity to connect with inspired and caring people who are doing  what they love.

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