Sunday, June 27, 2010

Coast Guard in Arizona? Yep.

Welcome to the Desert Edition of But Wherever I Go!

With our house sold in Connecticut, our family has settled safely in Arizona.

We house-hunted in stages; first Sam came out and then I came with the girls. After almost twenty houses, we actually chose the very first house Sam visited when he came out. But there was a sunken living room and Sam was crest-fallen. But when I saw the house, I just said, "no problem. we will put in a floor." End of discussion.

 Hey, it was me and my power of attorney making all the decisions, since he stayed and took care of things in Connecticut. (And there was word he might be providing support for an event in the Caribbean or with the Oil Spill.) A mom's gotta do what a mom's gotta do...

The boxes are unpacked and we are loving the gorgeous weather and friendly people. And, everyone, thank Sam for the GPS that he got me for our 10th anniversary. I would have kept driving to the border if I didn't have that. But I make it home after every outing thanks to that tiny, hunky Australian voice on my dash board giving directions.

Anyway, the house is darling. Estelle calls it "the orange house" because it is literally the color of orange sherbet on the exterior. We have an orange tree and a lime tree and a wall of oleander and towering palm trees backing the pool. The house is all one level, with a gorgeous pool, two yards, an amazing kitchen. Just perfect.

Sam is now in AZ full-time. He began his new assignment this week. It has been nice to have him home in-between jobs. After three weeks of unpacking, there are still a few boxes lingering, and a few broken items, but life is moving forward. So, we are happily nestled in and ready to do what the natives do. (Sam won't let me buy a solar oven yet, though.)


PerkinsClan said...

So glad you're doing well in AZ! I'm sure it's quite the change from CT. I'm glad you updated your blog so we could find out where you were going ( or went, rather!)

Melvin and Carly said...

Hey there! Nice to know where you are these days. Email me and let me know actually where. Because the Phoenix area is only a 6-hour trip from here. :)

Joel (Bob) and Dresden said...

We'll be driving through Arizona on our move down to El Paso Texas... That would be cool if we could meet up somewhere!

Carrie said...

Are you really coming back soon, little blog? I've been thinking about you lately and realized that you are no longer on Facebook and, I'm sad to say, when I got a new phone in December I lost all of my contacts phone numbers and emails.

So when I saw the blog post about coming back soon I was filled with hope, but now I don't see it...

Where are you Peggy?!?!