Saturday, June 26, 2010

Keeping Busy

So much has happened since Sam and I started raising money for Esra's wheelchair! I'm just catching up, and I'll break my thoughts into several blogs. And I have invited Sam to share his thoughts too.

First, let me tell you the SnapDragon arrived safely in Cambridge earlier this month. The crating and shipping was a big fiasco for Sam to figure out.  But he is now a authorized exporter/importer with FedEx.  So, if any of you enterprising folks want to go into business...

I've had a few consultations with the Dragon Mobility team this week, who will help us customize the Snappie and make it perfect for Esra.  Well, really there have been many phone calls and applications this week.  Department of Developmental Disabilities, Arizona Long-Term Care,  Social Security Disability {denial, by the way} plus setting up Esra's team here in the Valley.

Its too hot to go outside, so we are making the best of it as I press on with paperwork whilst Esra and Estelle keep busy with art projects, music making, playing in the water table and getting to know the inner workings of the Ingalls Family.  In fact, we are on our way to finish the second season of Little House in the Prairie.  If anyone wants to help preserve my sanity, please send the next four seasons!

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