Sunday, June 27, 2010

Measure Twice...

In preparation for getting our customized SnapDragon, we must provide measurements of Esra for her new seating. And since the company is across a continent and an ocean, we must do the measuring ourselves. So, I gathered my measuring tape, camera and wits and set about to record Esra from top to bottom.

Not only did I need to get numbers, but I needed to document Esra sitting unsupported for several angles. So, I got the girls raising their arms together and giggling until they were on the floor. But I underestimated the interest of my two-year-old. So, we measured all extremities, worked on our numbers and counting, and then worked on learning body parts. Our session was part work, part school. The girls loved it, and I got to tell Esra all about our upcoming trip to England. Esra gave her trademark *gasp* that she then covers her mouth with her hands as if to hide her excitement. She is so excited to get her new chair. For Esra, words truly cannot express it. And it cannot be measured. You've just got to see it.

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