Tuesday, June 29, 2010

Momentum and a Matinee

There is a lot of momentum now as we implement Sam's expertly crafted project plan. We are almost press-ready for a little event I will announce shortly. And we are happy to reveal our lovely little logo.

We have sandwiched our trip to England with a fundraiser in Mystic, CT and several meet and greets in CT and Long Island. Our first event is a live production at Olde Mistick Village Art Cinemas on Saturday, July 24th at 11am. All the ticket proceeds go to the Trust. And if you buy your tickets early, a Ten Clams box lunch will be provided for free.

Our donors will get a chance to meet Esra and her Snappie at several post-trip events. Those are still in the works, but all of our donors will be getting invitations. {Imagine, we don't know half of our donors...I am excited to meet you all.} You don't have to donate to attend, but we hope you will. You will be joining an amazing group of people.
Please share the news of our progress. Tell someone about Esra today. Life is beautiful, my friends.

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