Monday, July 12, 2010

Making the News

Esra's story was featured online over at Mormon Times on Sunday. I hope people are inspired by her brightness, friendliness and persistence. But from the looks of her today, her brightness is a bit clouded over. She's been feeling ill lately. We had some concerns about some shunt problems considering she experienced vomiting, lethargy and a high fever over a few days. She has not been her usual self. We took her into the hospital for observation. They said it was more than likely a stomach flu that will last up to five days. She is on the mend and asking for Blues Clues again.

Today we head to the orthotist to get Esra's new back brace and AFO's (ankle-foot orthotic) fitted. These pictures are from her brace casting a few weeks ago. She was such a trooper waiting for that plaster to set. She was hot and uncomfortable as the temperature in the plaster rose, but she didn't complain a bit.

The team at Dragon Mobility is waiting on the braces for a very important reason. Her new seating for the Snappie will be based on her measurements in the braces. And because of her newly diagnosed scoliosis and lordosis, we want the chair to fit her as well as possible.

Dragon Mobility said they needed the rest of her measurements for her seating no later than July 13th. I am so glad the timing worked out. I was prompted to call to get into the orthopedic surgeon one day earlier than scheduled, even though I had that original appointment for a month. That visit got us a referral for the orthotist. We got Esra cast for both braces just in time because, look, here it is...July 12th. Perfect timing.

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