Monday, July 26, 2010

Three Cheers for Esra

Cornerstone Productions and Olde Mistick Art Cinema gave Esra a spectacular send-off in Connecticut this weekend.

Ramping up to the event this week, we had radio, print and internet media telling Esra's story. And the exposure helped us to have more than 70 people attend. But there were others who came only to donate. One family, who we never got to meet, came across on the ferry from Long Island to donate to the benefit. We are told, as they exited the theater doors, after donating a sizeable sum, gave each other high fives!

Young, old and in-between enjoyed the energetic and engaging show. I especially enjoyed the young man, Braiden, who played the six-year old bearded Cassanova. But the entire company was gracious and so enthusiastic. We got a great cast photo with Esra in their midst, megaphone in hand. We left with a great feeling, sweet memories and ample funds to cover the costs of our travels to England.

A great success! Special thanks to Jon Kodama and Steak Loft for providing boxed lunches. Gina Morin made our posters, and Michele DeLima created our press releases. Mark Dullea created the Esra's Trust logo. The event was truly a celebration of the joy we receive when we extend ourselves in the service of others. Three Cheers for Bill Dougherty, Hunter Charnow, Karl Gasteyer and the whole cast and crew!

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