Thursday, September 9, 2010

Holding Pattern

Our loyal iMac G4 finally gave up the ghost a few weeks ago after seven years of faithful service. We have visited the Apple store and drooled on the new Macbooks, but we haven't taken the plunge in buying anything yet.

We first need to find out if Sam will be promoted to Lieutenant Commander next week. We have been waiting on pins and needles for months. There are two potential outcomes: one, he gets promoted and a substantial raise. We will stay with the Coast Guard at least another ten years until retirement. (I am really trying to be excited about another ten years of socialized medicine. I really am.) The second outcome is he gets passed over and we separate from the Coast Guard next May or June with a hefty severance check. (I actually think I might miss TRICARE at that point.)

So, bare with us as we wait out this uncertain moment. One thing is certain, the Trust exists and is working for Esra, especially where we or the Military Insurance and Medicaid cannot help her. Unfortunately, the Arizona Medicaid system wants to have a say in how we run the trust, so we have not received any services from the state. We bristle at any consideration of using government entitlements, but TRICARE has yet to cover our needs for respite and, of course, customized equipment. The state funds would really help. But we will not sacrifice the Trust to the bureaucrats in Phoenix.

Thus, we wait....Wait for our attorney to weigh in on the Trust and waiting for news about Sam's future in the Coast Guard.

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