Sunday, October 10, 2010

In Their Own Time

After my visit to the Ryan House, I have been contemplating accessible living.  We thought having a one-level would suffice for now, but since the Snappie moved in, we are singing a different tune.

In May, we moved into a lovely one-level suburban desert home. It has an updated kitchen with granite counter tops and a lovely swimming pool. But besides that, it is just a funky 70's era home, with lots of quirks. After four months here, I am regretting the narrow hallways, deep garden tub, limited storage (for our five wheelchairs!), tile floors and difficult access to the toilet and sink with the Snappie in tow.The holes in the wall are growing each day. A mirrored closet door has cracks in it from a misjudged turn. Esra can only exit the backdoor on her own. The thresholds are too high at the front door and garage entrance. The list can go on...

Believe it or not, even with one-level, accessibility is even more of an issue now that Esra is completely mobile. Not only mobile, but gaining awareness, skills and preferences everyday.

With the addition of the SnapDragon, our newest family member makes us think more carefully about the future.  We are realizing quickly that our future will include a totally custom home incorporating universal design.  Not only accessibility for Esra but for me. (I have a fused spine, fibromyalgia and other troubles.) I can totally visualize a home with no thresholds or barriers, plus lift-systems in the ceiling, a hospital bed, accessible bathroom, wider hallways and doorways, accessible sinks, cabinetry for medical supplies, storage for wheelchairs and devices. Plus, all the great concepts from Ryan House.

Because of my challenges, caring for Esra takes a lot of effort. I love her and I do it. I am strengthened by perspective and patience. I am grateful for modern-day prophets who guide, leaders who lift and a Heavenly Father who is always there. I know things will happen in their own time.

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