Wednesday, October 20, 2010

Styling Help

We had help on more than one front to get this magazine article pulled together. After contacting Shawni, I found some remaining courage and asked Reachel Bagley of Cardigan Empire.

What a confidence booster it was to work with her, a BYU alumna, who inspires me with her lovely and logical fashion blog. Her expertise blended perfectly with her vision as she led me down a path of complementary colors and blended knits.

Thanks to Reachel's resourcefulness and our swift timeline, she put her recommendations online. I love Amazon's Universal Wish List. She had a visual shopping list waiting for us, so I wouldn't forget the light blue, dark blue, coral, and white colors. With my ADD, that's a lot to remember. With the budget pretty tight, she suggested that Sam and I use outfits from our closet and we would buy something new for the girls. She directed my closet search for Sam based on what I had pieced together for myself.
Everything I had is from Target. The dark denim capris are my favorite. I wore them in England and they made me feel like a star. Sam's turquoise permanent press shirt has seen better days. In fact, I think we bought it at Goodwill when we lived in Herndon in 2002! But it worked in a pinch and he was relaxed and comfortable in the 107 degree weather.

I ended doing all of my shopping at Old Navy. The total bill was $45 dollars for two shirts and two skirts. A bit more than I wanted to spend, but I couldn't pass up Esra's pink cowgirl skirt or Estelle's bright blue corduroy mini-skirt.

Thank you, Reachel, for putting your special touch on this project. Here's to January!

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