Thursday, October 7, 2010


Everyday we take one grand round through the house and look for this...

Some would call it Trouble.

But here at the Edwards' house, we call it Triumph.  Esra is getting a chance to be herself, her true self.  The past eight weeks, I have seen her mind open.  Her brain is rewiring and relearning as she navigates, problem solves, accepts, refuses, serves and, best of all, tells us about it all.

We appreciate these little knicks and bends that make Esra's daily exploration possible.

Here she nimbly joined Estelle in playing in the fort before she toppled the whole thing.  Estelle was miffed, but, boy, was Esra sure impressed with herself.

Then there are the times when there is a lake of freshly filtered water on the kitchen floor thanks to Esra new found love of filling her cup, all by herself, at the fridge water dispenser. {Note to self: Remember to lock the panel.}

The sweetest reward for all the trouble and such, is having Esra join in at the kitchen counter and enjoy time together.  {Esra is helping serve up some lemon slushie during one of our desert hot days here in Arizona.}

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