Thursday, November 4, 2010

California Adventure

Business brought Sam to California last month, so we jammed in the mini-van and came along for the week. While our Coastie was testing towers, the girls and I toured around, fixed all our meals from the fridges of Trader Joe's and enjoyed the sweet bliss of Pacific humidity gently mixed with dappled sunshine.

The highlights of our trip were water-based. Esra's mischievious side came out when she was free to maneuver the beach on her own. Thanks to Mr. Nick, head of the Parks and Rec in this lovely seaside town, he just happened to have a power beach chair for rent. (Now, when we look at the online photo albums, Esra immediately searches for Mr. Nick! I think he is at the top of her list.) It didn't take her long to figure the chair out since the joystick is the same as her permobil powerchair. She taunted us many a time with high speeds that pointed her straight for the surf. She giggled the whole way as her hand pressed down hard on the joy-stick and she saw her Grandpa or Dad chasing quickly behind.

Another wonder from our trip, was seeing the deep-see divers at the Aquarium of the Pacific, giving a lecture from inside one of the gigantic tanks. The diver-docent was such a gem, as he positioned himself directly in front of Esra. They waved at each other the whole time and she grinned back at him non-stop.

We took the free public bus in Long Beach. It was our first turn on a kneeling, accessible bus. Too bad we didn't have the Snappie. But it was recovering from a spill! Really a nasty chain of events that started when Estelle put an uncapped blue marker in a cup of water and then Esra got a hold of it. Try explaining corroded wires with blue-ish goo to techs an ocean away. One feels pretty foolish. But I am sure they have heard it all. So after, a quick exchange of Royal Mail, email support, and a few evenings of tinkering, the Snappie is up and running like usual. We will be back in California before too long to do some more sight-seeing.