Tuesday, May 10, 2011

Gaining Ground

This weekend, I went away for a medical conference in Seattle. I was only gone for three days. But I when I got back, I noticed that Esra looked different. But I wasn't quite sure how.

So, when Tami came for our weekly PT visit yesterday, I was astounded when she said Esra grew at least two inches! Tami explained that the growth came with Esra "walking" in earnest everyday for the past week.

She gets faster and more confident each day. I am amazed as I watch her practicing in her walker/standing frame combo. To think all those unused muscles and bones have gotten the message that they are now required! "Get to work", Esra is telling them.

I am ecstatic for this new dimension in her mobility. We are gaining ground in more ways than one. Because she is becoming the master of her body, her confidence shines and she is speaking more words, more sentences, and she is singing! She won't sing on command, but if you come and sit in an adjoining room, out of site from Esra, you can hear her sing "I am a Child of God" and "Love One Another".

Grand messages for anyone who might be having trouble gaining their own ground.

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