Wednesday, May 25, 2011

On Walking

As we see Esra push her limits, we realize that she really does not have any inner limitations. Add sheer will with the amazing speed of technology, and we have one Esra who can do great things.

During my pregnancy with Esra, she was breech.  I can still recall the strange stretching made by her little body.  She was nestled in my womb as if she were sitting in a hammock.  Her head shaded by my ribs and her bottom resting on my bladder.  Her legs and feet stretched straight, pointing out towards my side.Her physical movement was slight as she rarely moved or readjusted. But I knew she possessed a great spirit.

So, when the neonatologists predicted her legs would never have any neurological function or feeling, I was puzzled because, deep down, I knew it didn't matter if she did not have leg function, she still had a great purpose one earth and she would accomplish great things. But his forecast has still shaped how I see her and her abilities.

Thanks to Tami, our optimistic physical therapist, she has helped me create a new picture of Esra in my mind's eye, now and in the future.  I wanted to share this fantastic TED talk about human exoskeletons, since we at the Edwards house are thinking much about adaptive technology.  Plus, we are contemplating what direction to take next.  We know wheelchairs will be a primary support for Esra, but we are pleased to have more options for exercise, movement in our home, and beyond.

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