Wednesday, July 27, 2011

At The Baseball Game

Last week, we spent an evening at Chase Field thanks to HopeKids.  It was the D'backs and the Brewers.  Here are some random thoughts from our night out:

Thanks to the worlds biggest bag of kettle corn, we made it to the fourth inning.

Esra loved clapping and cheering.  And Estelle thought the outfielder with the long hair was a girl.  

Thank goodness the ceiling to Chase Field was closed, because it was a hot day.

The next time we go, we will have to try something at the gluten-free vendor. 

We had about half of our bag of kettle corn left when we got home. {Yes, the bag was that big. And No, I do not regret that I left it on the counter or that Estelle snuck the back into their room or that the girls had kettle corn for breakfast.}

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