Friday, August 19, 2011

Dress-up Jobs

In our home preschool, we are learning about all sorts of jobs this month.  The girls are loving dressing-up.  So far we have learned about doctors, dentists and mail carriers.  We took some creative license, since we didn't have a post office costume, but we did have a play horse, chaps, bandanas and such.  So, we learned about the Pony Express.  Hey, the curriculum didn't say we had to stay in this century!
Letting Esra play doctor has been such a treat.  She loves to listen to heartbeats and take temperatures.  But the dramatic play has also provided some much-needed therapy to help her overcome her fear of the blood pressure cuff.  She is deathly afraid of the "squeezer," as we call it, since she has been "squeezed" incessantly since her birth to monitor her heart defect.  All is well with her heart now, and check-ups are now once a year.  However, having the opportunity to process this fear through play has lessened her anxiety.  I think being able to play the role of doctor and patient has calmed her uneasiness.
Ah, the blessings and power of play!

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