Tuesday, August 9, 2011

Esra's New Backpack

Right before we left for our Fall trip to California, I read this blog post from Rachel Coleman, of Signing Time fame. The post was all about babywearing. In fact, long-term babywearing that becomes toddler-wearing that becomes eleven-year-old-wearing.  Rachel and her husband, Aaron, are raising a daughter with Spina Bifida just like we are.  Her name is Lucy.  I understand completely why Rachel does not post very often.  But every time she does, I am inspired and educated.  Her insights are always timely and seem to help me through a specific challenge. 

As I read this time, she talk about her family's goal to include their daughter in their love of the outdoors, namely hiking.  So, their Lucy, like our Esra uses a wheelchair and they don't jive too well with anything but the paved paths of Zion's Emerald Falls or the Grand Canyon's main vistas.  The Coleman family hikes far and wide: Arches, Yellowstone, Moab.  How inspiring!

Rachel highlighted three different backpacks that they use to ensure that Lucy can enjoy hiking as much as her parents and sister as she has grown.  I was please to read that they used a Baby Hawk wrap like us.  We enjoy using that one.  But we needed something to provide more support for longer hikes.  I was so glad that Rachel made the recommendations she did.  I saw the Deuter Kids Comfort III Carrier and knew we had to get it. So we did.  And we tested it out on a stop while driving near Big Sur.

Sam did not have any complaints with comfort.  And Esra enjoyed the soft padding in front of her so she could lean her head forward, as well as to the side, to rest.

We had a great time on our first little hike, thanks to the Deuter.  We were exploring San Luis Obispo a few days later with the girls.  We decided to bring the pack, too.  Esra loved the new vantage point as we strolled to get some milk shakes.  Plus, Sam and I got do to something we don't usually get to do when Esra is in a wheelchair.  We got to hold hands!!

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