Wednesday, March 14, 2012

Moving Sale

The #1 and #2 items on our Current Needs list are coming closer and closer to reality.  However, we are going to need to move closer to Sam's work to make those things happen.  By eliminating Sam's commute, finding a smaller home and selling both vehicles, we will be able to pay for an accessible van and a daytime aide.

So, we are having a moving sale this weekend at our house from 7am to noon.  Please share our Craigslist ad with your friends:

We could sure use some help.  Do you have things you would like to donate to our sale?  Can you help us out with making signs or setting up?  

Email us at esrastrust(at)gmail(dot)com

Bicycles of Phoenix

It has been an amazing week of blessings.  With the clothe diapers, we can cross off two things from our Current Needs list!  Let me tell you about Esra's new bike.

The past few months, I have been searching for a bike trailer upgrade, since Estelle is now riding a two-wheeled bike (without training wheels). So, I needed to get creative on how to go from a two-child Burley trailer to a one-seat bike-like trailer. It needed to have a recumbent bike feel to it.  A high, supportive back with a five point harness.  In my searching, I spotted the Wee-Hoo Bike Trailer somewhere online. 

I inquired around town with the bike shops to see if any were available in a showroom.  No one had one in-stock or they stopped carrying it because it was too specialized.

Thankfully, we found Bicycles of Phoenix, which just opened near our home.  We told Andy, the owner, about our needs.  He was smitten by Esra's radiant smile and he made the order for us.  Andy said it was all about karma.  It wasn't but a few days later, that we got the call from Andy that the bike had arrived. After our test ride, Esra spent the rest of the week singing and cheering with joy, so excited for her new bike.  

Bicycles of Phoenix does not specialize in adaptive equipment but they do have excellent customer service.  The showroom is brimming with some gorgeous beach cruisers.  And Estelle has her eye on the Puddin' 16, too big for her still but it doesn't stop her from trying.  She takes a ride on it every time we come in.  Plus, there is a great vibe in the shop.  

So, folks, give Andy a call or a visit.  602-404-2453.  4848 E Cactus Blvd. #120 Scottsdale, AZ.  Buy some new bling for your bike, get a tune-up, or buy one of those gel-seats you have always wanted.  Buy something big or something small and tell them that Esra sent you!

Tuesday, March 13, 2012

A Gift from a Friend

Let me tell you about blessings! We have been given some lovely gifts this week.

Thank you to our sweet friend, Kimberly, who organized a little fundraiser to get Esra some new clothe diapers.  Thank you to her local and online circle for donating to this.

Because Esra is incontinent for the foreseeable future, we clothe diaper.  This eliminates long-term exposure to plastics, chemicals and such.  But even clothe diapers don't last forever.  After three years, our current set of diapers have just about worn out.  Leaks abound.  And the hard water here in the desert doesn't help in stripping them and getting the soap residue out.

With all of our money going to medical expenses, and AZ Long-term Care only paying for disposables,  we were hoping this set would last bit longer.  Well, I will just say, this new set came just in time!!!!

Kimberly, you are the best!  Kisses and Hugs all around!!!

Friday, March 2, 2012

Come What May and Smile

We are finishing up our month learning about dinosaurs.  I wish getting them to smile together for the camera was as easy as making those bright, purple headbands!

Despite the silly faces, we are having a hard time.  At times it can be difficult, especially me, to put my trust in the Lord.  And it can be easy to forget Him when I feel so much lacking.  

Even though we have enough food, shelter, clothing, and employment, my challenges seem to overshadow our one truly abundant gift: perspective.  Within the past few months, I feel more exhaustion and mental fog as Sam's 60-70 hour work week continues, our respite care is 20 hours too litle and Esra's challenges are growing. 

It is all taking a toll, chipping away at my resolve to be....well, to just be.  (Our daughter has been diagnosed as "failure to thrive" again.  She needs a G-tube, a Chait tube, as well as extensive dental work and another pair of eartubes.)   

I am being taught so, so slowly, that our perspective can help us decide beforehand how to handle adversity.  "Come What May and Love It" could just be my new inner resolution to keep me going when the days seem to never end.  How we respond to our challenges is the key.  Elder Joseph B. Wirthlin explains:

I am grateful for this message by an Apostle of the Lord to remind us why challenges come.  As we do our best to overcome, please pray for us.  Also consider visiting our Current Needs page above for more information.