Tuesday, March 13, 2012

A Gift from a Friend

Let me tell you about blessings! We have been given some lovely gifts this week.

Thank you to our sweet friend, Kimberly, who organized a little fundraiser to get Esra some new clothe diapers.  Thank you to her local and online circle for donating to this.

Because Esra is incontinent for the foreseeable future, we clothe diaper.  This eliminates long-term exposure to plastics, chemicals and such.  But even clothe diapers don't last forever.  After three years, our current set of diapers have just about worn out.  Leaks abound.  And the hard water here in the desert doesn't help in stripping them and getting the soap residue out.

With all of our money going to medical expenses, and AZ Long-term Care only paying for disposables,  we were hoping this set would last bit longer.  Well, I will just say, this new set came just in time!!!!

Kimberly, you are the best!  Kisses and Hugs all around!!!

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