Saturday, September 1, 2012

Happy Everyday

Esra was admitted to hospital late Thursday night for a skin infection.  She is having exploratory surgery today because the antibiotics are not working.  Despite the discomfort, she is happy and friendly as usual.

It seems like every encounter she has with the Phoenix Childrens Staff, they say "Is she always this happy?"  And I respond, "Always!" 

She has to be in serious distress to change her mood to partially cloudy or stormy.   For example, she was a bit uncertain about riding a horse during our Hope Kids-sponsored weekend at Whispering Hope Ranch a few weeks ago.  She kept saying "stay with mommy."  I put her in the saddle despite her hesitance.  She still was unsure as she put her arms up for me to take her back into my arms.

But then our friend and Executive Director of HopeKids, Bridget, came up with her camera and coaxed Esra to smile.  She immediately beamed with her big smile for Bridget (she has those HopeKids trained!) and the lead on the reins started the horse forward.  Esra was brave the entire time as Bridget walked by her side.  After a few laps through the arena, she returned to me with a smile.

We can all do difficult things.  Esra is a fabulous teacher of how to find happiness each day despite the difficulties.  And to show it.

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