Saturday, October 20, 2012

An Open Heart to Heaven, Part I

My best smile on my
first day of Lyme treatments
As I started my Lyme Disease treatment last year, I felt exhausted and empty.  I was physically and spiritually sick. {I was really trying smile in this picture.} I really did not know where to turn.

When I found Elder Kikuchi's messages, I felt connected to his simple dedication to the work of God.  His tender stories and connections to Christ's teachings spoke to my heart about how I could find real change.  Plus, his life experience in Japan illustrated the depth of his character and the continual change that the Gospel brought to his life.

Here are three things {a radio interview, a sermon and an article} that came into my path as I searched for direction:

1) An inspirational man of faith: Listen to this radio interview with Elder Yoshihiko Kikuchi who lived in WWII Japan and serves as a representative of Jesus Christ sharing his experiences about forgiveness and sanctification.

2) In a fireside sermon, Elder Kikuchi outlines tangible answers to this question: How do I open my heart to heaven? He outlines three things: Hold a personal morning devotional. Immerse yourself in the scriptures.  Purify your life through the Savior’s sanctifying and atoning power.

3) In my hardest moments during treatment, I picked up my church's worldwide magazine and Elder Kikuchi's words were a balm: The Healer's Art.

Dear Readers: What will be your one thought, thing or change to devote time and attention to this week? 

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