Sunday, October 28, 2012

An Open Heart to Heaven, Part II

The theme from Elder Kikuchi's BYU Devotional talk (from lasts week's blog post) has stuck with me.  What did you think when he demonstrated our physical closeness with Christ?  That visual representation of the clasped hands illustrated to me how physically close sanctification brings us to Christ.  How close? He is right there next to us.  But when we are not worthy to be in His presence we must step away, releasing that clasp that kept us close.

In this Three For All, I have found a few more resources that have and are helping me return to that joyful hand clasp with Christ.

Esra and me, on her Birth Day.  Seven weeks and five operations later, we got to snuggle again.  
1) In the talk, The Touch of the Master's Hand, President Boyd K. Packer talks about sin and change and the vitality brought about by becoming one with Christ.  In the midst of my own physical pain, I learned about spiritual pain and how the treatment plans are similar.

2) This Mormon Message about Lifting Burdens helped me have courage during a difficult beginning.  My sister-in-law, Jessie, shared this video with me during the first week of my Lyme Disease treatment.  I watched this over and over again.  Tears flowed as I began to feel so many emotions. And just like when Esra was diagnosed with Spina Bifida, the feeling of fear was the strongest.  As I trusted more, the fear faded.  That empty space gradually gave way to courage as I remembered God provided  a way for Esra, and He would do the same for me.

3) Become Your Best Self is a courageous life-list from Danny and Mara Kofoed's A Blog About Love.  Mara's list has had such an impact on how I am proceeding in my healing process, as she describes the different ways she used to find healing, to make lasting change and to more fully share herself with others.  Her list has no fear; it is dynamic and real.  Where else can you find Viktor Frankl, Oprah, James E. Faust and Lousie L. Hay all in one list?

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