Saturday, October 20, 2012

Craving to Create

In February 2011, not long after my father-in-law passed away,  I was diagnosed with late-stage Lyme Disease.  With that came hours of treatment-time away from home, connected to an IV and lots of time to read and think.  I had high hopes that child-free time would mean productive time; blog posts written, journal caught up, emails boxes emptied.

I quickly learned that would not be.

Treatment was tiring and, sometimes, poisonous as my body unloaded its toxins and infections.  Still, I recorded my encounters with the spoken word, media and spiritual buoys during a difficult time.  I had hoped to write about it all to preserve some cathartic connections made in the hardest moments.  But the writing about what I felt, read and thought never made it to paper or pixel.

Eighteen months later, I can gratefully say that I am not worse physically.

But my disease has not drastically improved either. The brain swelling and seeing stars has gone away, but I am still so tired.  I lose my ability to stand by dinner time and I seem to have a hard time remembering things both near and far. Calendars, clocks, appointments, mail, telephone calls still intimidate and overwhelm me.  The list can go on.  But I am functional enough to read to my daughters, to tickle them and when it's laundry day, I fold and Sam puts away.

I am craving to do more, to create, even if it means that we do school on the couch all week!  In order to get better, I feel compelled to press forward beyond this creative drought and do something!

Stay tuned for some new features at But Wherever I Go!  And catching up on the past year with pictures and news of our family!

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