Friday, November 30, 2012

The Reward Store

The end of the week is much-anticipated for Esra and Estelle.  Thanks to Krystal, my dynamite assistant!  She takes care of the morning routine at our house, so I can rest.  (Lyme Disease is just that way.) But flying solo left Estelle, the four-year-old, more opportunities to be uncooperative and, well, four, since Krystal main priority is caring for Esra.  The situation required a way to get Estelle to be more cooperative and respectful.  

Hence, the Reward Store was born.

Here is Esra's morning routine list.  Estelle's is similar. All the pictures represent actions of body and spirit. I love that Krystal added a heart to represent love and respect.  But the one difference is in the dollar that they get paid.  Krystal printed up her own homemade currency customized for each child.  One has a red-headed mermaid on it and the other has a red puppet/marionette.  So, cute!

Esra just got paid!  She is inspecting her money.  Is it real?

The play money has been a great training tool for Estelle.  Especially helping her learn to keep track of something of value.  At first, they were scattered in various pockets, purses, and bookshelves.  Now she has one spot to deposit her riches.

Another result of the money has helped focus Estelle in the morning.  As I am exhausted most mornings, I cannot participate in the discipline and guidance of how the morning runs.  So, Krystal is able to remind Estelle with the incentives of the Store by reminding Estelle if she wants her dollar that day.  This gets Estelle back on track and finishing her responsibilities.  Woohoo!

Each day that that complete their entire morning routine, then they get one dollar.  And at the end of the week, the Reward Store opens for them to use their money on snacks, jewelry, coloring books, coin purses, and even a doll that is worth almost two weeks of dollars.  Since each item has a specific price, they are learning about saving and planning as well as being consistent in doing their routine each day.

Yay for Krystal!

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Mema said...

Loving raves to Krystal and her innovative teaching methods. You go girl! Hugs and kisses to all in the Edward's home. MEMA