Saturday, November 24, 2012

Thanksgiving Found

Keeping things simple this Thanksgiving, I decided to focus our time together in "finding" our blessings in the little things in our lives. 

With that, the girls and I hopped down to Hobby Lobby and found some darling little baskets to hold our "found" delights.  Estelle eyed some glittery, sequined pinecones and Esra found some seashells.  

In our wanderings during the rest of our day, we discovered vintage bottle caps, blossoms from our bouganvilla, and some shiny baubles.

Setting the table, I used our silver flatware that I bought on eBay when we were first married.  We have never used the fancy stuff with our four and six year olds, but it this year seemed like a good time to start.  So, out came the china settings that we got for our wedding.  We still only have five settings, but it was just four of us that night, so no rush for paper plates!  Pulling out a rarely- used green damask tableclothe that I made from the bargain bin, the girls were ready to help set the table.

With fresh-pressed apple juice made in our juicer, we did the rest of our meal from what we could rummage up from our pantry, food storage and freezer.  Honey Mustard-glazed chicken, kale brussel sprout salad, mashed potatoes, wild rice and cranberry-clementine sauce. Unfortunately, I put too much vanilla stevia in the cranberry sauce.  Bleh! But there was so much goodness to share, we did not miss it (that much)!

As we ate, we talked about our blessings with our tiny finds as catalysts.  Sam and I found that it was great exercise in stretching our creativity.   The conversation was sweet and simple.  Our centerpiece was bit abstract, totally different, and next year we will have to add candy coins and shelled nuts.  Here are some of the things we counted as our blessings (some expected, some not):  

the salty sea, wheels,  root beer, Jesus, pinecones, machines that make our world work, light, each other, mirrors, diamonds, love, forgiveness!

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