Sunday, February 10, 2013

2013 Funding Priorities for Esra's Trust

1)  $20,000 for Wheelchair Accessible Van

We love this 2012 Toyota Sienna BraunAbility Rear Entry Van.  The LE model with power doors, power hatch, power ramp, plus leather seats are positives to protect Peggy's spine longevity.  Plus, the low-impact power steering helps Peggy from fatiguing so quickly during long drives to park days and music classes in the East Valley of the Phoenix Metro Area. 

This will a great blessing to our family.  Please help us with our fundraising goal of $20,000.  We can pay $40,000, but we do not want to exhaust our cash reserves.  Since we just got out of debt, we are hesitant to finance the last third.  

Please help us fundraise this last portion! 

2) $10,000 for Daytime Caregivers 

We believe Esra's needs require more than what is being provided.  Her developmental delays and daily needs demonstrate a need for one-on-one assistance throughout her daytime hours. 

 We homeschool our children. 

 Because of this, we have declined all services from the school district.  We do receive State-funded Respite, Habilitation, Attendant and Therapy services.  We have 600 hours of Respite per year.  We divide that weekly to equal about 11 hours per week.  Attendant care is 10 hours per week and Habilitation is 11 hours per week. That is a total of 32 hours per week or 4-5 hours per day.  

Life would improve for Esra if she had a caregiver with her 40 hours per week or 8 hours per day. 

We have two wonderful caregivers working with Esra currently.  They provide life-skills training, inclusion in homemaking routine, companionship on community outings, academic review, safety in all settings and toileting assistance.  Because the state wages are low, we pay our ladies the difference for what extra services we need that are not covered by the state.  This is exhausting the Trust quickly.  We need you help to keep being able to pay our perfectly suited, highly qualified caregivers by replenishing the Trust with a generous monthly ($1,000) or yearly ($12,000) donation. 

3) Labor and material to add accessible elements to the backyard for play and learning: 

this backyard boat is well-loved by all the grandchildren who visit Grandma Lynda's in NY
  • Tables, 
  • Water Wall 
  • Places to Hide 
  • Playhouse with canvas roof (made from parts from our old wheelchair ramp)
  • Accessible Dinghy with Wheelhouse 
  • Residential Outdoor Climbing Wall 
  • Hammock
  • tree stumps of various heights
  • vertical gardens
Can you help us?  Donate today! 


Checks and Money Orders 
Please make them out to "Esra's Trust"

Mail to:
Esra's Trust
Rocky Burt, Trustee
PO Box 2615
Avila Beach, CA 93424