Tuesday, February 18, 2014


 By Peggy.  On a drive to Sedona via Instagram.

We are wrapping up our time in Arizona.  I am so glad we got to spend some time traveling to different parts of the state. Sedona was definitely a highlight!  But living where we do, I am spoiled to see palm trees, mountain preserves and cactus everyday.  And after this gorgeous weather the past week, it is going to be so hard to leave.

So, this week we have a few things going on.  We are preparing for Esra to turn eight in April. Perhaps she will be baptized, but I don't think she is ready yet.  We are still helping her prepare for being eight by having the sweet, marvelous Sister Missionaries come over and teach her a little lesson.  She looks forward to it every week.  They teach her an ASL sign, sing (and sign) a song, and talk about a simple concept.  Estelle and I are in the other room so Esra stays focused.  The lessons don't last more than a few minutes, but they mean so much to Esra.  

Esra is starting her new P4/5 Sonlight curriculum this week.  I needed more structure for her, especially with her persistent hearing problems.  (We are currently dealing with double ear infections, and a burst ear drum.  So, that means her hearing aids are not being used, poor girl.)  

It is a regular school week with memory work, math, music and swim lessons, but we are most looking forward to the Phoenix Liberty Festival on Saturday.  A homeschoolers delight, really.  Have you ever been to a living history fair?  I know I enjoy talking to historical interpreters. But I really love seeing all the gorgeous costumes and regalia, much of it handmade by those who wear it.  Inspiring!  I can't wait to tell you more about that.  Until then, here are some interesting links and things:

:: I watched this interview twice today and both times I cried.  Pray for Justina and the Pelletier Family.  You can donate here and here to support their legal defense fund.

:: Ali Edwards shares how she is tackling those unfinished projects.

:: Pioneer Woman and Nie Nie explain why telling our stories are so important.  Family History and Technology are coming together in a beautiful way.  RootsTech and FamilySearch are leading the way to help us tell our stories and find our ancestors stories, too.

:: A documentary about never asking about your past: The Flat

:: I think it would so dreamy to build a house here in Virginia.

:: Chow Locally is going to be part of our last few months in Arizona.

:: Could this be creepier than Elf on a Shelf?

:: Sisters, a wheelchair and an amazing dance routine. Beautiful!

:: Elana always comes through. This time it's Paleo Thin Mints!  I think I have everything in my pantry.  I can't wait to make these.

:: Painted acorns are for peasants!  from Pinterest, Are You Drunk? 

For my friends in New England, be safe and warm this week! 


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