Sunday, February 16, 2014

Birthday Cake

By Peggy.

We celebrated Estelle's sixth birthday a few weeks ago. Boy, does time fly!  I thought sharing her whiz-bang cake creation would be a great way to return to writing at But Wherever I Go.  (I know, I missed you, too!) She was the creative mastermind behind this beauty.  I wish I had gotten some pictures while we were in the process, but having messy hands, a two busy girls and a camera is just too much sometimes.  Once the kids were out the door and playing outside, I put on the finishing touches and snapped a few pictures. 

The birthday girl knew she wanted a vanilla cake with vanilla icing and mint chocolate chip ice cream.  I decided to keep things simple since we were still in limbo waiting for our orders.  (We found out the next week...we are moving the Washington DC! Yayyy!) Not knowing where we are going is not an easy thing to sit and wait on.  Keeping things simple always feels good.  So, I indulged and got a boxed gluten-free cake mix and Pamela's Vanilla Frosting Mix.  It is wheat- and dairy-free powdered sugar that you add a stick of butter to and you have a perfect frosting.   I have had the hardest time getting my coconut-based frostings to work.  Maintaining a grain-free, no crap, GAPS lifestyle is a challenge but doubly so when you are celebrating special days.  I set aside my frustrations for this cake and did my best with an easy mix.

As the cake baked, Estelle decided she wanted a few more things. She peeked in the baking cabinet and pulled out the pink sprinkles, chocolate chips and snowflakes too.  I insisted on the strawberries.  (There is a layer in between the cakes, too.)  Then we decided the frosting needed some color.   I pulled out the India Tree Natural Food Dye.  (The sprinkles and snowflakes are India Tree, too.) We added about ten drops to get this luscious pink.  People, it was so good.

This gluten-free cake had rave reviews by all.  Sam, was overjoyed for the simple joys of cake since we don't indulge in baked goods very often.  Sadly, for me, it was not grain- or sugar-free.  So, I was hurting later.  And Esra's hearing has not improved, in fact she has a double ear infection and a ruptured ear drum.  I think falling back on grains, dairy and sugar is starting to show in her airway and eustachian tubes.  Plus, her enteral food is not helping since its main ingredient after water is corn syrup.  So, I am reading and learning more about blenderizing real food.

Even though I readily admit that we have really fallen of the nutritional bandwagon, at least we have wonderful memories sitting on the side of the road waiting for the next wagon to come along.  We are having our cake and eating it too, for the moment!  And most importantly, Estelle had a great experience creating and enjoying her birthday cake.  She loved every bite.  And she loved telling people all about her "pink cake with the six" on it.

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